Chicago Roofing Tips

Chicago Roofing Tips. There are a great many useful tips for keeping your roofing going as long as possible and some of these can be easily handled by you, the home or business owner, without the need for calling in the professionals from Roofing by Hernandez. We know our prices are the best in town, but we understand that some regular seasonal maintenance is enjoyable to the average property owner. It gives you the sense of ownership you forget when you’re too long from the tasks that keep your structure humming along throughout the years. So, here are five tips for the summertime and five more for winter to keep you busy with tasks all year long. But, don’t forget to call (312) 439-0556 for the big problems and let our pros take care of the heavy lifting.

Summer in Chicago has its own unique appeal and for most of us that appeal is tied directly to sunshine and the outdoors. It’s understandable after slogging through snowfall and freezing temperatures all winter that we’d want to get out into the fresh air as soon as we can, so here are a few things roof-related you can handle while you’re outside and save yourself future headaches.

  • Check to make sure your exhaust fans are free of debris and working properly.
  • Check drains and gutters for any clogs that could cause backups during rains.
  • Check your roofing and attic (if applicable) for any small signs of damage. If you spot anything, call Roofing by Hernandez for a roofing inspection.
  • Look for missing, damaged, or lose shingles or roof tiles. If found, call the pros at Roofing by Hernandez for immediate repairs.
  • Check your roofing, vents, components, and attic (if applicable) for signs of any pests and call the appropriate pest removal company immediately. If needed, call Roofing by Hernandez for repairs.

Winter will be here before we know it and it brings its own set of unique challenges to your roofing. These challenges are best dealt with by the experts from Roofing by Hernandez, but you can do your part as the home or business owner to keep your roofing going strong for as long as you possibly can. After all, those extra years are extra return on your initial roofing investment, so doing your part is just sound ownership. Here’s what you can do:

  • Inspect and trim any trees surrounding your home. These can break under the weight of ice and snow and cause damage to your home. Better to get them trimmed up before it’s too late.
  • Clean your home or business’s rooftop gutter system. These gutters play a vital role in moving the precipitation and snowmelt from your rooftop to the ground, so clearing them of any debris is a must.
  • Install an attic ventilation system (if applicable) to help circulate the air in your attic. This will prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your shingles and causing them to warp from the stresses.
  • Inspect your rooftop flashing to ensure it is seated and attached properly in all areas across the structure. This is imperative to keeping moisture out of extremely sensitive areas. Call Roofing by Hernandez if you find any problems.
  • Replace any loose or damaged shingles to keep your roofing working at peak efficiency. Missing shingles can cause all sorts of trouble once the snow and ice hit, so have them replaced as soon as they’re discovered.

That’s all it takes, ten little steps, and your roofing will keep on protecting you and your property from the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it – especially when coupled with proactive roof maintenance from Roofing by Hernandez. That’s a winning formula for roofing that lasts years and years and all it takes is one call to (312) 439-0556.