HOA & Condo Association Insurance Claim Roofing

If you’re a homeowner in a homeowner’s association (HOA) or condo association in the Chicagoland area, you can shop around for the right roofing company for as long as you like but you’ll never find one that’s as reputable, as reliable or as experienced in HOA roofing and condo association roofing than the team at Roofing by Hernandez. And best of all, our teams have been specifically trained to work effectively in HOA and condo association environments. After all, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill roofing project since it’s governed by more than just the tastes and decisions of the individual homeowner. The HOA board will have a say too.

What Types Of Things Does The HOA Board Govern With Roofing?

This will all depend on your specific HOA or condo association but usually your bylaws will contain roofing covenants that dictate certain things that can and can’t be done. This will be somewhat different if you live in a single-family home or a multi-unit building as one has its own roof while the other is a communal roof. That means the decisions for one will be made by the homeowner with input from the HOA while the other will require an agreement of all condo association members to get started. Remember an insurance company is involved so who makes the decisions matters a great deal.

As far as the particular roofing covenants your specific HOA or condo association adheres to, it’s a good idea to find out the specifics before you get to far into the insurance claim roofing process so you’ll not be blindsided by HOA restrictions and guidelines you weren’t aware of like the following:

  • Maintaining Proper Documentation: Many HOAs and condo associations require all documentation relating to a project to be saved for recordkeeping purposes. This makes sense when you consider a condo association shares a roof in a multi-unit building so they would want a record of any work done to the building itself – the roof included. Some HOAs even require you to get roofing plan approval prior to getting underway. Best to check with your HOA board to be 100% safe.
  • Using Approved Roofing Materials: This may not seem like something that a HOA or condo association would be interested in but when you consider that some roofing materials are much better at repelling moisture or weathering damage than others. Actually, your insurance company may also have a say in what materials you use because many offer discounts for better, more durable materials. Roofing by Hernandez can help with this as we know roofing materials better than anyone!
  • Choosing An Appropriate Color: Yes, colors are important to HOAs and condo association boards because they directly impact the impression people have of the area. Most HOAs tend to only approve colors that either complement the home or adhere to a strict palette of options approved for use by the HOA or condo association. You have to be clear on this prior to getting started because some HOAs have stipulations stating you could be forced to pay to remove the offending color and replace it. You don’t want that and Roofing by Hernandez can help you avoid it with decades of HOA insurance claim roofing experience.

How Best To Deal With The HOA & Condo Association Insurance Adjuster

As your roofing issue is covered by your insurance policy – whether it’s your personal homeowner’s insurance or your condo associations building policy – you’re going to need to contact your insurer as soon as possible so you can begin the roofing insurance claims process. However, we recommend you reach out to Roofing by Hernandez first so you’ll have a licensed, insured and highly experienced roofer with you throughout the process. That’s the best way to ensure fair treatment from your insurer and the insurance adjuster they send out to your property.

Now it’s always best to know what to expect when you’re dealing with a company out to protect its own interests. And don’t be fooled by your insurance company’s slogans. They’re out to pay the least they can to get by because that’s just how insurance works unfortunately. So be sure you have the Roofing by Hernandez team at your side from start to finish. You can also follow these tips to stay on track to the claim amount you need.

  • Read Your Insurance Policy: While we’re hopeful that you did this when you first signed up for coverage, it’s not uncommon for people to skim it and miss out on some important elements of the coverage they have available. You’re best option is to read it thoroughly before you file your claim so you don’t try to make a claim on uninsured elements of your property or roofing. The pros from Roofing by Hernandez can help understand your policy as we’re intimately familiar with their details.
  • Assess Every Bit of Damage: You or your condo association members will need to properly assess the damage you’re making a claim on prior to calling your insurance company. You don’t want to leave it to the adjuster to make the call on the damages you’ve suffered so you need an expert on your side through the process – Roofing by Hernandez is that expert. We’ll help you gather in-depth information about the damages and include photographic evidence so the adjuster has no wiggle room when it comes to your insurance roofing claim.
  • Get A Roofing Estimate: Yes, this is pretty obvious since you’ll have to have a roofing estimate to show your insurance company that real damages have taken place. Of course the adjuster will come out to see for themselves but the estimate from a reputable, licensed roofing company is usually enough. It’s important to think about how many estimates you get because the insurer may focus only on the cheapest one at the expense of excellent workmanship. You’re better off going with a single company you know you can trust – like Roofing by Hernandez.
  • Keep All Communications: During any project where a contractor is interacting with your home, and definitely any project where an insurance company is involved, you should maintain firm control of all communications you receive. Keep them saved in a handy place so that you can refer back to them at any time you need to – whether before or after your insurance claim roofing project is completed. It’s too important a project for you to lose anything connected to it so save, save, save your emails, voicemails, receipts and USPS deliveries so you’ll always have them when you need them.

Ready To Get Started With Your HOA & Condo Association Roofing Claim?

Now you know what to expect when it’s time to file a HOA or condo association roofing claim with Roofing by Hernandez at your side – both before the project gets underway and after it’s completed. You’re all set with the information you need in-hand and the right team to handle the heavy lifting for you. So what’s the delay? Make the call to Roofing by Hernandez at (312) 439-0556 or submit a contact form today for a free insurance claim roofing consultation complete with estimate and recommendations. It’s the best call you can make when you need expert roofing assistance in your condo association or HOA – guaranteed!