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Depending on what brings on the need, a new roof construction project for your home or residential property can either be terribly exciting or terribly upsetting. It’s all perspective. Working with the right company is everything when you’re facing such a large project and that’s why your best option is always Roofing by Hernandez.


Res. Repair

A roof repair from Roofing by Hernandez may be the best option for your particular roofing issue, but we’ll never know if you don’t get in touch with one of our team members by calling (312) 439-0556 or using our convenient form.



Roof Maintenance. There are few more effective ways to protect your residential or commercial roofing than a proactive roof maintenance plan from Roofing by Hernandez. There are definitely no less expensive options for prolonging the lifespan of your roofing than proactive maintenance – especially when you consider the cost of neglecting it.    



As the owner of a business, you understand that every moment your operation is down is opportunity and productivity lost.  That’s just unacceptable – especially when Roofing by Hernandez is right there waiting for your call. We specialize in commercial roofing of all kinds and have successfully handled roofing projects throughout Chicago for almost 10 years to the delight of hundreds of commercial concerns.


Comm. Repair

For almost a decade since we first opened our doors, we’ve maintained a steady focus on providing the finest commercial roof repairs to clients across our extensive Chicago service area. We’ve done this because as a family-owned business we know just what shutting down operations while a problem is fixed can cost.  All that time is basically a loss due to the inability to operate while the roof is falling apart around you.



Waterproofing Services. No matter where you live or own property within our service area of Greater Chicagoland, you’re in for some very wet months throughout the course of the year – be it rainfall or snowmelt. That’s why having your flat or low-sloped roofing waterproofed every few years is a great way to prevent the damage moisture can cause when it finds its way into your structure.



Gutter Installation & Repair. Roofing by Hernandez is far more than just the best roofing contractor in all of Illinois, we’re also the preferred choice for residential and commercial gutter installation and repair. We handle just about any project, no matter its complexity, and create functional and aesthetically-pleasing custom systems from galvanized steel and aluminum.



As a business founded on a firm belief in family and the value of hard work, so it should come as no surprise that we take what we do very seriously – from our Union roots to our approach to your home or property. While our team is courteous and respectful at all times, they’re also there to do a job, to uphold a reputation, and to build on it until our name is synonymous with the kind of high-quality results home and business owners dream of – especially when dealing with something as stressful as their roofing.


Snow Removal

Rooftop Snow Removal. Winter, and even fall and spring on occasion, can deliver some heavyweight snowfalls on the Greater Chicago area and all of this snow ends up accumulating on your flat or low-sloped roofing. If left to its own devices, and if the bad weather persists, your rooftop could quickly become home to snow drifts the height of human beings and that spells [potential disaster for your home or business.  

Manufacturer Certified Installers

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