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Roofing By Hernandez
August 6, 2021

A Residential Flat Roof Tune-Up Can Save You Money!

A Residential Flat Roof Tune-Up Can Save You Money!

As a family-owned and operated roofing company with more than a decade’s worth of exceptional service to homeowners across Chicago, the team at Roofing by Hernandez wants to spread one message more than any other – flat roof maintenance is important. In fact, it’s vital to keeping your flat roofing functional for as long as the manufacturer intended. You know, they design it with regular maintenance in mind and even some warranties assume maintenance will take place. So, it’s more than just another sales pitch you should just ignore.

Over the decades that our team – all licensed and insured, of course – has been roofing across Chicago, if there’s one thing that we see more than any other it’s flat roofing left to its own devices. Basically, homeowners assume that the installation is good for twenty or more years and while that may be true, it’s only going to last that long if you take care of it through a professional’s attention. That’s where our Residential Flat Roof Tune-Up service comes into play.

When you call (312) 439-0556 to schedule a Residential Flat Roof Tune-Up from the unmatched roofers at Roofing by Hernandez, you’re getting a comprehensive roofing service designed specifically to lengthen the lifespan of your flat roofing system. Just check out what comes with our service:

  • Install up to 2 roof patches that will cover up to 100 sq ft. (Modified Bitumen)
  • Apply rubberized caulking around skylights.
  • Will install a compression bar around chimney flashing.
  • Install modified bitumen membrane counter flashings on roof penetrations.
    • Roof vents, furnace vents, plumbing, and lead stacks
  • Apply rubberized caulking around compression and termination bars.
  • Apply rubberized caulking around chimney flashing.
  • Apply rubberized caulking on roof penetrations.
    • Vent stacks, air conditioning, a/c coils, and electric conduits
  • Clean gutters of debris.
  • Install a gutter strainer inside each downspout opening up to 12 in.
  • Install up to 12 gutter hangers where needed.
  • Grind down up to 100 sq ft of tuck points and inner parapet walls where needed.
  • Seal all clay copings that sit on parapet walls with either cement or asphalt roof cement depending on what is cohesive to what is currently installed.
    • If structure has metal copings we’ll clean seams and re-caulk with rubberized caulking
  • Clean roof of debris – limited to 30 minutes of clean up.
    • Clean ups usually consist of leaves, branches, bottles, old roofing material, and antennas that are no longer being used.

The Midwest’s Wild Weather Can Wreaks Havoc On Flat Roofing

The Residential Flat Roof Tune-Up service from Roofing by Hernandez is more than just an extra that you can go for or pass on. It’s a crucial part of the puzzle when it comes to keeping your flat roof in peak condition for as long as humanly possible. That translates directly to savings for you as the homeowner – not to mention far fewer surprise or emergencies when least expected. And for the affordable price, there’s really no reason to not at least investigate our Residential Flat Roof Tune-Up service at the earliest opportunity.

Just pick up the phone today and call (312) 439-0556 or fill out one of our helpful contact forms and our staff will call you immediately. They’ll provide all the information you need to make the best decision for your home’s flat roof and schedule service at the right time for you. Don’t delay – call today!

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