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August 6, 2021

HOA & Condo Association Roofing: Time for A Flat Roof Tune-Up!

HOA & Condo Association Roofing: Time for A Flat Roof Tune-Up!

Do you live in an HOA or condo association around the Chicagoland area? If you answered yes, have you put any thought into how important roof maintenance is when it comes to keeping your investment in good shape? Well, you should and that’s not just some sales pitch from a roofing professional either. Flat roofs need special attention to function as intended for as long as intended when installed. Without it, the roof system can break down and you might not even realize it until it’s too late. That’s why you should call for an HOA & Condo Association Flat Roof Tune-Up from Roofing by Hernandez.

So, what exactly is a flat roof tune-up? We’re sure that’s your question and will probably be the first question your HOA or condo association board asks too. Don’t worry. We have a comprehensive answer that spells out exactly what you get with our HOA & Condo Association Flat Roof Tune-Up. The why it’s important will come next and that’s just as easy to answer. Your flat roof is like anything that performs a job. It can wear out. It can break down. It can have faulty installation – any number of things can go wrong. And sadly, because the system is basically a layer it can be tough to spot problems until it’s too late.

But not for the pros from Roofing by Hernandez. Our HOA & Condo Association Flat Roof Tune-Up service is designed to ensure none of that ever happens to your flat roof. Our service includes:

  • Install up to 2 roof patches that will cover up to 100 sq ft. (Modified Bitumen)
  • Apply rubberized caulking around skylights.
  • Will install a compression bar around chimney flashing.
  • Install modified bitumen membrane counter flashings on roof penetrations.
    • Roof vents, furnace vents, plumbing, and lead stacks
  • Apply rubberized caulking around compression and termination bars.
  • Apply rubberized caulking around chimney flashing.
  • Apply rubberized caulking on roof penetrations.
    • Vent stacks, air conditioning, a/c coils, and electric conduits
  • Clean gutters of debris.
  • Install a gutter strainer inside each downspout opening up to 12 in.
  • Install up to 12 gutter hangers where needed.
  • Grind down up to 100 sq ft of tuck points and inner parapet walls where needed.
  • Seal all clay copings that sit on parapet walls with either cement or asphalt roof cement depending on what is cohesive to what is currently installed.
    • If structure has metal copings we’ll clean seams and re-caulk with rubberized caulking
  • Clean roof of debris – limited to 30 minutes of clean up.
    • Clean ups usually consist of leaves, branches, bottles, old roofing material, and antennas that are no longer being used.

It’s A Tremendous Value & Keeps Your Roof In Peak Condition!

At Roofing by Hernandez, we understand it can be difficult to convince all of the stakeholders in your HOA or condo association to pay for services that aren’t required to keep the structure inhabitable. However, our HOA & Condo Association Flat Roof Tune-Up can actually save you a ton of money in the long run by helping you avoid the big-ticket roofing services like replacement and serious repairs. It’s all about being proactive in staying ahead of the wild swings in the Midwest’s weather.

Don’t put it off another moment. Call Roofing by Hernandez today at (312) 439-0556 or submit a contact form to learn all about our HOA & Condo Association Flat Roof Tune-Up service and schedule the best time for a visit from our team. Each crew is fully licensed and insured and dedicated to a job done right!

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