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December 10, 2020

Best Shingle for My Home

Best Shingle for My Home: Duration Shingles from Owens Corning

Duration Shingles with SureNail Technology by Owens Corning Roofing & Asphalt!

As a Roofing Company, we’ve worked with many shingle brands and manufacturers. There can be a big difference between the shingles that are used to cover a roof.

Lower-grade shingles are builders grade shingles. They may only last 5-7 years; then you may start to have issues. The higher-end shingle brands will hold to higher warranties. As the shingle manufacturing has evolved so have the warranty lengths. Warranties went from 10 years to 30 years to now covering a lifetime warranty on your roof.

One way to tell if a shingle brand is a good one is the weight. Asphalt is expensive and weighs a good bit. The less valued brand shingles may seem lighter weight and it’s because the manufacturer perhaps cut corners and used less asphalt. Their shingles packaging when weighed will not be as consistent compared to higher quality brands. Quality shingles use consistency in their granule amounts and asphalt.

The easiest way to tell if a brand of shingles is top of the line is the nail zone. The first thing the manufacturer does when you’ve claimed a problem with the shingles is looking at how they were installed. The inspector is looking at the nail zone. The best shingles will have an obvious nailing zone. You will see a distinct line in the higher grade shingles. Lower quality shingles have a narrower nailing zone and simply aren’t consistent. The manufacturer inspector may say that the shingle was installed in error such as high nailed so it’s not covered. The lower end shingle manufacturers don’t want to stand behind a long-term warranty and don’t have distinct lines to show an obvious installation so it creates a gray area.

This nail zone is the main difference between other shingle manufacturers and Owens Corning Roofing & Asphalt because they use SureNail technology design. What is so outstanding about SureNail design? It features a tough engineered sturdy fabric on the nailing area which provides the extra reinforcement on the critical interface where the shingle is fastened to the roof deck. It creates an extremely obvious nailing zone with enhanced true bond, woven fabric tape that is embedded in the shingle. No other shingle has this patented SureNail technology. This adds a great deal of strength and superior adhesion to the shingle which is what keeps the warranty and wind warranty in existence. Owens Corning puts its products through testing with pull resistance. 87% of contractors rated the Duration Shingles with SureNail technology as the best compared to other shingle products.

From experienced experts who have used many shingle brands over the years, Roofing by Hernandez stands behind this product: Duration Shingles with SureNail technology by Owens Corning Roofing & Asphalt.

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