Flat Roof Repairs: Roof Tune-Ups

Flat Roof Repairs: Roof Tune-Ups

Chicago has flat roofs everywhere you look so it should come as no surprise that there are just as many roofing companies out there promising cheap roof repairs that will stand up to Chicagoland weather. But does that really solve your problem as a flat roof owner? Doesn’t it just offer a bad-aid to the problem that will have to be reapplied again and again? What if there was a way to limit that type of recurring cost and lengthen the actual functional lifetime of your flat roofing system – no matter what exact type it happens to be?

Well, you’re in luck because Roofing by Hernandez offers just the solution you’ve been looking for with our Flat Roof Tune Up service. This is the perfect maintenance and mitigation service for both residential and commercial flat roof customers as it hits checks every box your flat roof requires for a long, low-cost-to-own lifespan. And that’s what every property owner wants, right? That’s what we deliver.

So, What Is A Flat Roof Tune-Up From Roofing By Hernandez?

That’s a great question and one only the experts at Roofing by Hernandez can explain properly once they visit your property. But we can give you an overview of what’s involved once you sign up for a flat roof tune-up from our licensed and insured professionals. Let’s start with an outline of each of the steps we include and then discuss them further so you have a better idea of how they impact your flat roof for the better. Our flat roof tune-up service is basically the following steps with some changes based on your individual roof characteristics and needs:

  • Install up to 2 roof patches that will cover up to 100 sq ft. (Modified Bitumen)
  • Apply rubberized caulking around skylights.
  • Will install a compression bar around chimney flashing.
  • Install modified bitumen membrane counter flashings on roof penetrations.
    • Roof vents, furnace vents, plumbing, and lead stacks
  • Apply rubberized caulking around compression and termination bars.
  • Apply rubberized caulking around chimney flashing.
  • Apply rubberized caulking on roof penetrations.
    • Vent stacks, air conditioning, a/c coils, and electric conduits
  • Clean gutters free of debris.
  • Install a gutter strainer inside each downspout opening up to 12in.
  • Install up to 12 gutter hangers where needed.
  • Grind down up to 100 sq ft of tuck points and inner parapet walls where needed.
  • Seal all clay copings that sit on parapet walls with either cement or asphalt roof cement depending on what is cohesive to what is currently installed.
  • If building has metal copings we will clean seams and re-caulk with rubberized caulking.
  • Clean roof of debris limited to 30 minutes of clean up.
    • Clean ups usually consist of leaves, branches, bottles, old roofing material, and antennae that are no longer being used.

It All Starts With A Thorough Flat Roof Inspection From Our Team

Of course, any good roofing service will include an inspection and our flat roof tune-up service is no different. Our highly-skilled and experienced roofing professionals will take the time to get to know your roof through a thorough roof inspection – the better to provide exactly the tune-up roofing services your flat roof needs. And rest assured, this isn’t just a quick walk across the roofing for show. No, the Roofing by Hernandez team treats your flat roof like their own and goes in-depth to ensure nothing is missed, overlooked or left to chance. That’s what you should expect from a family-owned and operated five-star roofing team!

Now Our Team Will Check All Of The Rooftop Flashing Elements

Flat roofing relies on a lot of flashing to ensure moisture doesn’t make its way into the decking and cause problems for the home or business owner. In short, it works hard for you year-round and deserves some attention. And the flat roof tune-up team from Roofing by Hernandez gives it what it needs and more. We take the time to check all of the flashing around the entire flat roof to make 100% certain that there are no issues. If there are, we don’t dawdle or walk away. No, we address it immediately so that the minor issue we found never has the chance to become a headache for our customer. Again, this is not your ordinary roofing company. This is Roofing by Hernandez – where you matter more than just the costs of doing business.

Your Flat Roof Has A Lot Of Projections. We Check Them All!

We know you might be thinking, “what are they talking about?” but bear with us. When we say projections, we’re referring to anything that sticks up through the flat roofing panels that make up your roofing system. This means your skylights, your HVAC ducts, your bathroom vents, your HVAC system itself and even more depending on your specific structure and its rooftop elements. The pros from Roofing by Hernandez – pros who bring decades of flat roofing experience to the task – pay special attention to these projections to ensure there are tight seams around all of them. After all, these are basically holes in your roofing system that must be plugged effectively to ensure damage doesn’t occur where it’s tough to spot. Don’t worry though – we’ll make sure you’re in good shape as that’s what our flat roof tune-up is for!

Time to Remove Any Debris That Could Be Flat Roof Hiding Problems

Though we’re discussing this at this stage of the process, it may be handled right before or after the roof inspection – depending on the debris and dirt present. If it’s a mess up there then our team will take the time to clean it up prior to performing our inspection of the rooftop elements and materials to ensure we see everything we need to see relating to the condition of your roof. Cracks and splits may be hidden underneath any dirt and debris and those are too important to miss when inspecting a flat roof system because they, almost more than any other roofing system available, rely completely on each panel doing its job in concert with the others. This is how the flat roof barrier is formed and if it has even one defect then the whole system is compromised. Never fear, our flat roof tune-up will clean away the dirt and debris to get right to the heart of your flat roofing issues.

Flat Roofs Are All About Seams & Flat Roof Tune-Ups Address Them

You know what really sets a flat roof tune-up apart from all other flat roofing services in Chicagoland? It’s proactive. You’re not waiting for something to go wrong and hoping for the best when the bill comes. No, you’re taking control of your roofing upkeep costs and keeping them to a minimum by beating issues to the punch. Seriously, this service is roof owner empowerment. It gives you – the property owner – a say in what happens to your roof over both the short and long-term. Wouldn’t that be incredible? To know for a fact that your roof is in good shape and will remain that way and all for less than you’d expect to pay for a flat roof repair anyway? That’s what a flat roof tune-up from Roofing by Hernandez offers where your seams are just a piece of the puzzle – an important one for sure!

Now That The Work Is Done It’s Time For A Proven Flat Roof Sealant

Finally, after everything else has been done and our top-rated team is satisfied with the results then we’ll move to the last step in the flat roof tune-up process – the application of an industry-leading sealant. This is done to deliver protection to the work completed and the roofing material as a whole. While not permanent – as this coating will need to be redone during your next flat roof tune-up, this coating helps to ensure your roofing is in peak condition from the moment we leave until the next time we visit for another flat roof tune-up. On that note, we recommend calling at least twice a year to ensure that all is well with your flat roofing. Think of it as a low-cost way to stay ahead of the curve and out of big-ticket roofing shopping for good.

You’re Just A Phone Call Away From A Flat Roof Tune-Up

After everything you’ve read and the experiences you’ve had to date owning a flat roof, don’t you think it’d be a good idea to call Roofing by Hernandez at (312) 439-0556 to learn more about our flat roof tune-up service? We do and we think you’ll agree after you hear all the many benefits for your residential or commercial flat roof. Just think about how incredible it will be to know exactly what’s going on with your flat roofing from month to month, year to year. How empowering it will be to take control of roofing costs from here on out – no more surprise roof repairs, no more roof replacement nightmares coming out of the blue. Just the peace of mind that comes knowing Roofing by Hernandez is on the job with flat roof tune-ups schedule regularly. Make the call or use our contact form to schedule a free estimate visit today!