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October 30, 2018

The Right Time For A New Roof

The Right Time For A New Roof

While many people automatically assume that summertime is the best possible time to install a new roof on their home or business, there’s actually no “right” time for the work to be completed. Roofers work year-round in most cities, so there’ll be a team out there willing to do the work if you need it done. However, costs for roofing services can be quite different depending on the season, so it pays to do some homework and plan ahead. In fact, that’s the single biggest factor in a new roof installation – planning.

The Optimal Time

There can be little doubt that the optimal time to install a new roof is when you’re ready for the expense and the intrusion. Many homeowners wait as long as they possibly can to get every bit of life out of their old roofing which is their choice, but can be a dicey proposition – especially if moisture damage is a possibility. It’s always best to avoid even the possibility of damage to your decking and framing. That kind of water damage can become costly to repair, so best to have your new roof installation done as quickly as you determine it’s necessary.

Summer Roofing vs. Winter Roofing

It should come as no surprise that summer is the busiest time of year for roofers across Chicago. With the weather we experience yearly, it only makes sense that you’d choose the one time of year you can be sure it’s not going to snow. However, being peak roofing season means scheduling a new roof installation during these times can be difficult. There could be wait times as long as a month with reputable roofing companies, so if you’re considering a summertime installation, you may want to plan for it far in advance.

Roofing in summertime is the preferred time of year for several reasons. First, it’s the easiest time of year to handle all the work without precipitation. A hard rain can be a real problem during roof construction, so handling the work when you can be certain that’s not coming is ideal. Second, the temperatures are considered better by some for the materials during installation. This isn’t the belief of all roofers though. Some actually believe temperature isn’t a factor as long as concrete isn’t involved, but it does play a role in the hectic nature of summertime roofing requests.

Having your roofing done in a season other than summer will mean less wait time and lower costs. In fact, prices for materials are far lower in the wintertime and crews may not be scheduled for anything. That means you’ll be able to choose your own date for the work to be handled and get all the details sorted to your own liking. That’s huge when it comes to a project as intrusive as a new roof installation – especially when it’s below freezing outside. You may want to get a hotel to keep from sleeping with an open rooftop.

Ready For Roofing?

No matter what type of roofing your structure has, or what you’re considering using, you’ll need a great roofing team to handle the installation to get the best possible results. Modern materials – especially flat roofing materials made from petrochemicals – take an experienced hand to properly install and a contractor willing to stand behind the roofing installation for years to come. In Chicago, that team is roofing by Hernandez. We offer roofing installations year-round and specialize in insurance claim roofing for those unfortunate and unforeseen replacements.

When you’re in need of a professional’s help – whether that’s for an inspection and free estimate, or clear and detailed explanations of all your available options, Roofing by Hernandez is the right team to call (312) 439-0556. Give us the chance to speak with you about your roofing installation and show you what separates us from all the rest – commitment, dedication, workmanship, and pricing.

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