Category: Homeowners It’s Time for A Residential Shingle Roof Tune-Up!

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August 6, 2021

Homeowners It’s Time for A Residential Shingle Roof Tune-Up!

Homeowners It’s Time for A Residential Shingle Roof Tune-Up!

As the owner of a roofing company, it pains me every time I visit a customer’s home and find rampant problems with their shingle roof – all of which could have been prevented with routine flat roof maintenance. I know, I know – most homeowners think roof maintenance is a scam put on by roofers. What maintenance could a shingle roof possibly need after it’s installed? I’ve heard this for more than a decade from homeowners all over Chicagoland. And you know what? My answer is always exactly the same. It needs quite a bit of maintenance if you want it to last as advertised.

A shingle roof should be given a tune-up by licensed and insured professionals twice a year – or at least once a year of twice is out of the question. But why is it so important, you ask? That’s simple. Flat roofing is made up of panels joined together to firm a solid, cohesive system. If any seams, any joints, any part of the system breaks down and you’re in for a lot of issues. And those issues have high costs associated.

What Can You Do As A Homeowner To Help Your Shingle Roof?

This is a fantastic question and one I’ll answer shortly, First, let’s take a look at what’s included in the Residential Flat Roof Tune-Up from Roofing by Hernandez. Everything you see listed below comes standard with our service:

  • Remove and replace up to 25 shingle tabs.
  • Nail down any pop-up nails.
  • Nail down aluminum air vents.
  • Apply rubberized caulking around chimney flashing.
  • Apply rubberized caulking around all plumbing, venting, soil, and lead stacks.
  • Clean gutters of debris.
  • Nail down all loose gutter spikes.
  • Will install up to 25 gutter hangers where needed.
  • Install gutter strainers in each downspout opening.
  • Reattach any downspouts that have pulled away from the building.
  • Apply rubberized caulking around skylights.

Give Your Residential Shingle Roof A Fighting Chance!

As you can see, this is more than just an inspection or a band-aid roof repair for a cheap price. This is comprehensive roof maintenance for your shingle roof – maintenance that can help you identify and mitigate any issues long before they turn into expensive roofing nightmares for you as a homeowner. Best of all, the price is more than affordable and the results – well, they’re as outstanding as any you’ll find in Chicagoland. That commitment to a job well done is why my team has a five-star rating on the web and thousands of satisfied customers in the area.

If you’re ready to learn more about our Residential Shingle Roof Tune-Up service then all you need to do is call (312) 439-0556 to speak with a Roofing by Hernandez professional about your specific shingle roofing needs. My team will provide you with clear pricing information and help you schedule the perfect time for our service visit. Call now!

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