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May 13, 2021

Facts About New Roof Installation

You need new roof installation answers and Roofing by Hernandez has them!

If you own a home for long enough, chances are you’re going to need new roof installation at some point. It’s the same for every homeowner and many just aren’t confident about the whole process. What does the process look like when you’re a customer? How long does the whole thing take to complete? If these questions sound familiar, don’t worry because you’re not alone. We’ve heard them from homeowners for decades and have all the answers about new roof installation you’ll ever need. Just read on to learn more!

Okay, so maybe there’s not every possible answer to every possible question in the article to follow. That would make a very long, very boring article, honestly, but we’re always happy to provide specific new roof installation insight whenever you need it. Just call (312) 439-0556 or use our contact form and we’ll call you!

Hypothetical Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation Project

Morning of Day #1: Dumpster Delivery

Alright, you’re our hypothetical new roof installation customer and your home needs new asphalt shingles. That’s excellent and we’re ready to help after you’ve completed the paperwork. The first thing we schedule is dumpster delivery. We can’t tear off the old roof without somewhere to put that material and that’s where the dumpster comes in handy.

We provided you with a window for this delivery and informed you that you would need to move all vehicles and obstacles from the dumpster’s chosen location. The truck will be at your property between 7:00 and 10:00 am so watch for them and get ready to start roofing!

Roofing Day #1: Tear-Off Old Roofing

So, once we have verification that the dumpster is onsite, our team will arrive to begin the work – usually between 25-45 minutes after delivery of the dumpster. We do our best to time this right as every minute of daylight we’re not on the roof is a wasted opportunity to get more done.

The tear-off of the old roofing material begins at the edge of the roofing furthest from where we’ve placed the dumpster. This is done so that our team can apply a dry in material that covers the exposed wood and protects your structure’s interior as the installation is ongoing. You never know when a shower might pop up so better safe than sorry is our motto  – and another reason to choose Roofing by Hernandez for your roof installation projects.

All of the torn-off material will be carefully placed in the dumpster so that it’s removed completely from your property when all is said and done. Last, we’ll have the shingles brought to the jobsite just as we complete the dry in work so that we’re ready to go in the morning.

Working Day #2: Asphalt Shingle Installation

This is the big day! We’ve removed all of the old roofing material and applied dry in material to keep the woodwork safe. Now it’s time to lay down the new material including the industry-leading asphalt shingle products we rely on. The work usually can be completed in the second day but we can never be certain until we’re onsite and handling the specific roof. Some like to surprise you with unseen damage or structural issues.

That’s where the inspection comes in. Many municipalities in the local area require that a roof inspection takes place as soon as the work progresses to a certain degree – say 25% completion. We’ll check with your municipality prior to getting underway so you can sit back and relax.

Roof Installation Complete – Actual Time Will Depend on Roof

No roofing projects are the same and while we try our best to meet specific timelines, some things can happen that will be beyond our control. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way and ensure you’re always on the same page with our team. The end result – a spectacular asphalt roof installation!

New Metal Roof Installation

Prep for Day #1: Dumpster Drop-Off

The process for installing a new metal roof for residential customers across the area begins much the same as it does for asphalt shingles – with the delivery of a dumpster for our uses. Yes, it will be onsite for the entirety of the work but for a good reason – to ensure every bit of scrap and material ends up where it should be, not in your yard.

As we will have discussed this step in detail prior to the day we begin, you’ll be aware of the dumpster delivery in plenty of time to make certain that all vehicles and obstructions that need to be moved have been before the truck arrives to drop it off. This is normally between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning and we’ll make sure you’re ready for it when the time comes.

Working Day #1: The Tear-Off Process

Okay, so the dumpster is in the right spot and our team can begin to tear off the roofing material – no matter what that happens to be. As you’ll have come to expect from your interactions with our team to that point, we’ll have schedule the roofers to arrive directly after the dumpster – no wasted time when working with Roofing by Hernandez!

Our experts will start removing the old roofing material at the far side of the roof from where our dumpster is located. This is done so that, as we move from one side to the other, we can lay down dry in material to protect the wood and interior of the structure until installation is completed. You’ll get forward-thinking and solid planning every time you work with Roofing by Hernandez. It’s how we operate and why we’re #1 in new roof installations – be they flat, sloped, metal or otherwise!

Working Day #2 to #4: Old Material & Complexity Impact Installation Time

After we have removed the old material, and the dry in has had a chance to set, we’ll begin installing the brand new metal roofing of your choice. This process is handled exactly as we handled the tear-off – from the furthest side to the dumpster side. This is done because metal roofing demands it. It requires each roof section to be addressed individually, so all the valleys and peaks will need special attention to ensure that the finished product is world-class and up to our usual standard.

Because of the way metal roofing must be installed – piece by piece – it may take anywhere from three days to a few weeks. It really is wholly dependent on the complexity and challenges the roof brings to our expert metal roof installers. We never waste time but we’re also just as concerned with doing a fantastic job and striking that balance can take longer than a traditional asphalt shingle roof – no matter how skilled we are.

As with shingle roofing, we may be called on to perform a roof inspection once work has progressed to a certain point – say 25%. This is a rule laid down by certain municipalities, so check with your Roofing by Hernandez professional when discussing your roof to find out more. We’ll know for sure and make sure you do too!

Installation Complete – Timeline Depends on Specific Roof

Finally, we’re through with the new roof installation and your new metal roof looks fabulous. And it will for years to come so enjoy it and the envious looks it brings from your friends and neighbors. Before we leave, we’ll take time to inspect the roof with you and ensure you’re completely satisfied. See? We told you it was easy!

New Roof Installation Is Easy When You Choose Roofing by Hernandez!

As we’ve outlined the process for you, you should no longer worry that a new roof installation is a project to dread – especially when you choose to work with Roofing by Hernandez. We’re Chicago’s best roofer with decades of combined new roof installation experience. Give us a call at (312) 439-0556 when it’s time for your new asphalt shingle or metal roofing and we’ll deliver an exceptional experience along with the finest roof installation in town!

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