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Military & Seniors

At Roofing by Hernandez, we do our best to offer Chicago’s best pricing on high-quality roofing work, so we look at all of our services as being discounted when compared to the corporate companies you could choose to work with. All you get from their corporate nature is bloated pricing and lackadaisical approach to your project. After all it’s just one of a number they’ll deal with while handling your project. Now, while Roofing by Hernandez may have multiple projects going in areas around Chicago we don’t overexpose ourselves and always, always plan for every eventuality. That’s a Special you can get every single day of the year by calling (312) 439-0556 today!

Military Discounts: For active duty and retired service men and women, Roofing by Hernandez offers a 10% discount on all of our services – including new roof construction. All we need is proof of your service presented to our estimator during our first visit to get you signed up for the discount on your project!

Senior Discounts: At Roofing by Hernandez, we know the value of our senior citizens and honor them for their perseverance and wisdom. It takes guts to stand up to life for long enough to become a senior and we do our best to show appreciation for their interest in our services by offering a 10% discount for any and all services they sign up for. All we ask is that you provide proof of your age at time of estimate to ensure you get that 10% off!

If you were a member of the armed forces, or are a senior over the age of 65, you’re qualified for a 10% discount from Roofing by Hernandez for any service we offer – from repair to construction, gutters to snow removal. Just make the call to (312) 439-0556 or use our helpful Contact form to speak with a professional about your discounted service today!

Senior Discount %10 Off/Special
  • 65 & Over
  • New Roofing
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Gutter Service
  • Siding Service
  • Snow Removal
Free Estimates
Military Discount %10 Off/Special
    • Army
    • Navy
    • Air Force
    • Marines
    • Coast Guard
    • Active Duty
    • Retired
Free Estimates
Roof Installations $300.Off/Special
  • Free Estimates
  • Detailed Planning
  • Any Materials
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Flat Roofing
  • Pitched Roofing
Free Estimates

Residential Special – Starting at $699*

For more than a decade, Roofing by Hernandez has been Chicago’s go-to roofing contractor for residential roof repairs. Our highly-experienced crews are the best in the business and their skill with roof repairs is unmatched in the Chicagoland region. In fact, we’re so confident in their ability to repair any flat, low-sloped, or pitched roofing that we offer our amazing $699 Residential Special to customers across our service area. Every service professional we dispatch to work on your roofing brings a wealth of Chicago roofing experience to your repair, so you can be certain you’ll get stellar results at an incredible price. Call (312) 439-0556 today to take advantage of this remarkable pricing!

*Rate Information: Prices start at $699 for basic roof repair work. Any additional work required may cause the rate to change. Our technician will deliver an accurate quote when inspection of the roofing is complete.

Commercial Special – Starting at $999*

When you need commercial roof repair you need the very best roofing contractor in Chicago – hopefully with a fair price. Well, Roofing by Hernandez has a deal for you – our $999 Commercial Special. You’ll get an outstanding, lasting roof repair for an amazing price and recommendations to improve your roofing’s performance going forward. The price includes a thorough inspection, all necessary materials, and, of course, any internal and external repairs required to put your roofing back in great shape. (312) 439-0556 is the only number you need to know for spectacular commercial roof repair!

*Rate Information: Prices start at $999 for basic roof repair work. Additional labor and materials may cause the rate to change. Our expert will provide an accurate quote after inspection is complete.

The Roofing by Hernandez Process

At Roofing by Hernandez, our roofing process begins when you call our office or submit a contact form through our website. That’s our cue to dispatch our team to your location to provide you with a free estimate after a thorough inspection. Our expert roofers will quickly diagnose the trouble and offer all available options for repair. No matter what you’re facing, we’ll provide you with a clear explanation of your trouble and your choices. Once you make a decision, we’ll get right to what we do best – roof repair!

Why Roofing by Hernandez?

  • Decades of Combined Roofing Experience
  • Exceptional Same-Day Repair Service
  • Licensed, Insured, Bilingual Crews
  • Five Star Google Review Rating
  • Extensive Resource Network
  • Commitment to Our Customers

What Else Does Roofing by Hernandez Offer?

What Roofing Systems Do We Offer?

If you’re in the market for world-class roof repair for your residential or commercial property we have the right deal, right now. Get either of the Special offers from Roofing by Hernandez and save big money on Chicago’s top-rated roof repair. Our five star rating means you can be certain you’ll get stellar workmanship with every service call. So, what are you waiting for? Make the call to (312) 439-0556 today!

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