Insurance Claim Roofing: Meeting with the Insurance Adjuster

As the #1 insurance claim roofing contractor for both residential and commercial customers across Chicagoland, the team at Roofing by Hernandez is dedicated to making the insurance claim roofing process as clear and unintimidating as possible for all those who have to face it at their home or business. In our efforts to make it more transparent, we felt it was important to walk you through some tips you can use when you meet with your insurance adjuster. Of course, we recommend that you call Roofing by Hernandez just as soon as you call your insurer – if not before – but we want to help you take on the adjuster on your own terms – whether we’re there with you or not.

Here Are 7 Tips For A Productive Roofing Claim Insurance Adjuster Visit!

Why will it help a home or business owner to know what to expect or how to deal with an insurance adjuster? What can the licensed, insured and highly experienced roofing professionals tell customers to make the process easier, smoother or more productive? Quite a lot, actually, so let’s get right to it and start sharing seven tips to get you through the process successfully.

Tip #1: Don’t Be Late For The Meeting – You Scheduled It!

We know this should be an obvious thing to most adults but we also know that things can crop up at the worst possible time. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency roofing after all. But when it comes to your insurance adjuster meeting we recommend moving heaven and earth to be there on time and ready to go through the process. We also recommend calling Roofing by Hernandez at (312) 439-0556 so that we can be there with you at the appropriate time. That way you’ve got pros on your side fighting for your interests throughout the process.

Tip #2: Play An Active Role In The Insurance Adjuster Process

While we do recommend that you have our roofing professionals – the best insurance roofing claim team in Chicago – with you when you meet with the adjuster, it is vital that you stay involved in the process so that you never feel lost or out of the loop while the process is ongoing. We know that it’s easy to check out of something that can be, let’s face it, boring to the layperson but remember that it’s your home or business at stake and stay connected to what’s happening at all times. That ensures you never have a regret about the process once it’s too late to do anything about it.

Tip #3: Gather Every Bit Of Evidence You Can Lay Your Hands On

One of the most important reasons to call Roofing by Hernandez before you meet with your adjuster – aside from getting the temporary repairs you need to protect your home or business throughout the insurance claim roofing process – is to document all of the damages your roof has sustained. This is evidence you’ll use to prove the seriousness of your claim and the need for a specific settlement amount to cover the necessary work to make your property whole again. Again, the adjuster works for the insurance company ands they’re out to make a profit for their shareholders. That means you need all the evidence you can gather to get exactly what you need in terms of an insurance claim roof repair or insurance claim roof replacement.

Tip #4: Create A Damage Checklist To Go With Photographic Evidence

Once you’ve taken photographs, or better yet – let the licensed and insured pros from Roofing by Hernandez inspect the roof and its components, you’ll want to create an in-depth checklist that covers all of the damages uncovered by you or the team you’re trusting to help you. At Roofing by Hernandez, we have a custom checklist already created that we know meets with the approval of most insurance companies in Chicago so you’re best bet is to simply call (312) 439-0556 and let our team compile the checklist for you.

Tip #5: Be Prepared For A Lengthy Insurance Adjuster Visit

We’re not going to sugarcoat this for you – an adjuster visit can take some time to complete. The normal time for this type of endeavor can stretch from two hours to four and it all depends on the severity of the damage and the prep work you took care of before the insurance adjuster arrived to look over your roof. This is also why we believe having our team onsite with you during the adjuster visit is so important. We can literally save you time by guiding the adjuster to the issues and focusing their attention on the areas we already identified as the problems to address. We’re the roofing experts and the adjuster can use all the help they can get to get it right.

Tip #6: Be Polite, Be Agreeable, Be Firm. Don’t Be Combative

No matter how the adjuster appears to you, no matter how rude they seem it will do you no favors to be combative with them. They’re people too and if you push them hard enough they might make it difficult for you to get the claim amount you require to set your home or business roof back to rights. You don’t have to take abuse or anything along those lines but treat them with respect. You can be firm and stand your ground if you believe you have to but don’t start an argument that you can’t win – especially when the adjuster is the one holding the keys to your roofing insurance claim. Better yet, just avoid the possibility of things going sour by having Roofing by Hernandez onsite to deal with them for you.

Tip #7: Be Honest & Forthright With Your Insurance Adjuster

We know that 99.9% of people are honest when they deal with companies but sometimes it can be enticing to try to add pre-existing issues with your roofing to your insurance claim in the hopes that the insurance company will just pay it without blinking. But we remind you that while it may seem like a good idea it’s actually against the law to defraud the insurance company during a claim so think about that carefully when you file your claim with your particular insurance provider. We stress it’s never worth it to try to game the system so play it safe and call Roofing by Hernandez to help you make the most of a bad situation!

Need Experts On Your Side When Filing A Roofing Insurance Claim?

Roofing by Hernandez is the top-rated insurance claim roofing contractor in Chicagoland offering world-class service to both residential and commercial customers – any insurance provider, any kind of damage. You can get an absolutely free consultation along with all the answers and information you’ll need to make a successful insurance claim with no obligation or pressure. Just pick up the phone and call (312) 439-0556 or submit a contact form to get started!